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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A card and a confession

First, I'll post the card for today and then get to my confession......

This stamp image is by D.O.T.S. My sister bought it about a hundred years ago. Well, not really that long ago, but you get what I mean. She decided to get rid of the stamp because she's into scrapping more than card making & her kids are boys. I agreed that she probably wouldn't have that much use for it so gladly took it off her hands. :) I love everything about this image. Color combos are endless & there really is no way to mess her up. Since red is my favorite color, I started with that.

My confession takes a little background information, so I'll try to be as brief as possible without leaving out the important parts. As I have stamped and been a SU! demonstrator, my "artistic eye" has grown. I notice color, balance, shading, etc much more than I did prior to my experience with stamping. Believe me when I say that I am not an artist of any kind. Then came the day when a friend introduced me to the blogging world. Wow! I was shocked & amazed. It hasn't been a year yet, but I love all the blogs out there where women share their ideas and expertise...I've learned so much in this short time.

One thing I learned hasn't been so good. It's that there are a lot more stamps out there than I ever knew about. They're available by clicking a couple of buttons & giving a little info. I don't need to live close to a store (in fact, most of them you can't find in a physical store). Not only are there stamps, but there's a whole, great, big world of accessories that I never dreamed of! And if you are good at putting them altogether, there are accolades & praise for you, too.

Now for the confession, Girls: I've been feeling sorry for myself because I can't get much of that stuff. And if I don't have the stuff, I can't get the praise! Pride & coveteousness. I've already had a long talk with the Lord about this. I realize I need to change my focus. I'm asking God to help me see the cards I make as His cards...made by Him via my hands & eyes. Any praise goes to Him, not me. (I surely would appreciate your prayer for me to keep my eyes on Him.)

You probably don't need the warning, but can I give you one anyway out of love? Please don't make the same mistake I did. Guard your heart from the idea that the praise from paper crafter world is what it's all about. God has given us our supplies and our ideas. Let's make the most of what we have & use it all for His glory. Let's think about ways we can use our cards to show people we care & that God cares.

In the past couple of months, the Lord graciously gave me two ministries which use cards. He knew I was growing this sinful thinking, but He gave them to me anyway & then showed me the error of my ways. Isn't He wonderful?

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Korin said...

Amen Laurie! You have no idea what a blessing it was to just read your post. I am SO guilty of this same thinking. Being in this industry has opened my eyes to many things and coveting is certainly one of them. Thank you for your honesty and your tender heart. God will help you with this because you are seeking him. May he bless you as you have blessed me through this post and your kindness! BIG HUGS, Korin