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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Prayer needed

Dear Friends:

Would you be willing to pray for my cousin's daughter? Her name is Molly, & she is 6 years old in first grade. The circumstances of her birth are now playing a role in her physical well-being.

Molly was born without any blood. I know, I never heard of that before either. The best guess of the doctors is that a leak in the umbilical cord developed during her birth. They did not give Chad & Christine much hope when Molly arrived. In fact they were told that if Molly did survive there would be severe developmental problems because they had no idea how long her brain had been deprived of oxygen.

As so often happens, the Lord had other plans. Molly not only survived, she thrived. She hit all the developmental stages at just the right times, & her tests showed miniscule "dark spots," almost unworthy to mention.

Within the past 18 months, Molly has developed seizures. At first they were few & far between and didn't last too long. In the past 4-8 weeks, though, they have become more unpredictable, coming more often & lasting longer. After some testing, Chad & Christine were told that they may be coming because of scar tissue in Molly's brain.

Here are the prayer requests:

Molly's doctor is out of the country for three more weeks. Pray that another doctor will be able to see her & make changes in medication that will stop the seizures.

Pray that the medication's side affects will be minimalized. It's so scary to give your child something that might cause long-term damage.

Pray that Chad & Christine will have strength & wisdom and will continue to cling to their Heavenly Father when they feel so helpless to help their daughter.

Pray that Molly will know beyond a shadow of doubt that she is surrounded and wrapped up by the love of God. I'm so thankful that Jesus told us that faith of a little child is what it takes!

Thanks so much for your prayers...please feel free to forward this request to others whom you know will pray......Laurie

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Crystal said...

I will certainly pray for Molly and for Chad and Christine. May they crawl into His lap and rest , knowing He has all things under His control.