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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honest Blog Award

Finally, I am remembering that Crystal gave me this award several weeks ago. I was having a hard time thinking of my 10 Honest things to say about myself & kept forgetting to pass it along. Thanks for thinking of me, Crystal. Let's see what I can come up with today.

There are two requirements for accepting the award: 1) I must thank the person who gave me the award & list their blog and link and 2) I must list 10 honest things about myself.

I've already completed the first one....#2 coming right up......

1) I was born and raised in the country outside a small town & although I live in the Big City, I'm a country girl deep down inside.

2) I may live in the Buckeye State, but I'm a Hoosier at heart!

3) I am blessed to be married for 20 years to a man who lives radically for the Lord.

4) I had the privledge to homeschool our son all the way through high school & our daughter until halfway thru 10th grade.

5) I have a passion for Special Olympics & volunteered in one way or another from 9th grade up until my children were born.

Have you had enough or should I go on? Ok, here are the rest of them:

6) I loved the Beach Boys, not the Beatles.

7) I only like books & movies with happy endings. And almost never read self-help type books.

8) I collect Newbery Award childrens' books.

9) I would love to learn ballroom dancing (wanted to do that before there was Dancing with the Stars) but wouldn't wear those skimpy outfits!

10) This year I grew flower plants from seeds...and they are now starting to bloom!

Now to pass along this award.....Ashley, Becky, and Cathy.

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