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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Mom's Idea

Yahoo! Today Blogger is letting me upload my picture....finally! Thought I'd pass along an idea from my mom. She's been adding Prima flowers to her stash of accessories but didn't want to keep them in those cute bottles they come in. She cleverly came up with using those deli dishes. My hometown IGA store sells them for 10 cents each!! Clever & inexpensive...that's how I like it. These are the smallest containers used at the deli, but I'm sure they would sell the next size up if you wanted. I have those Elfa-type drawers in a cart where I store my wood-mounted stamps. I've cleaned out one drawer and can stack these little puppies two at a time. I've separated my flowers by color except for the teeny tiny ones. I think I'm going to like it. (BTW-I've kept those glass jars 'cuz I know I'll think of a great idea for them sometime in the future.)
Thanks, Mom, for the helpful tip! Love you. Hugs, Laurie


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

This is such a neat idea!! So much easier to store too!!

Shar said...

Great idea! Those little bottles are cute, but they sure don't stack. In fact, mine often fall off my shelf. I'll have to try this. Much better idea!

Betty Wright said...

Laurie, this is wonderful!!! I have all of mine crammed into clear plasic container, but I have to dump the whole thing to search for a specific color. This is great for separating colors. Tell your mom she is a genius!!! Wonderfully affordable storage solution!!!

Leslie Miller said...

I like this idea! Those narrow bottles are so hard to get into. This is a fabulous solution! You can see what you have and it's easy to get at. Thanks!